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Having a sparkling smile will radiate happiness, strength, youth, warmth, and glowing health. Generally, a friendly smile is thought of as a healthy smile. Your smile is a cherished part of you and hence should be cared for properly. There are several advantages related to whitening your teeth.

Dental whitening is a very safe procedure that won't cause any damage to the tooth's enamel when done correctly. While the bleaching chemicals present in the whiteners might cause sensitivity in your teeth, this sensitivity can be overcome by using special toothpaste made for sensitive teeth.

There are three major categories of teeth whitening procedures to pick from:

  • In-Office Teeth Whitening

This is one of the easiest and fastest methods of getting your teeth whitened. A dental professional performs the procedure and your teeth can be whitened in less than two hours. The whitening solution used in dental offices may be more potent than those used in the take-home whitening method. As a result, the likelihood of tooth sensitivity will be increased. However, the sensitivity will usually subside within a day or so.

  • Take-Home Whitening

In this whitening method, you get a customized tray made from a mold of your mouth. The dentist will provide these trays and the bleaching solutions to be used at home. The patient has to wear these trays filled with the solution for a prescribed length of time every day. In general, the treatment may take about two to three weeks, depending on the whitening desired. This teeth whitening method may be more convenient for people who already have sensitive teeth and would like to be in control of the amount of whitening done over time.

  • Internal Bleaching

This type of teeth whitening is more suitable for people who may have had discoloration due to trauma or infection and may need a root canal. This type of teeth whitening will usually require a few appointments to accomplish.

Usually, the discolored teeth may be whitened a shade brighter than their existing teeth color to compensate for a relapse. There is a possibility that the newly bleached teeth may not match the surrounding teeth. However, this can be an excellent place to start when working towards an overall aesthetically pleasing smile.

Even though you'll choose one among these teeth whitening methods, there's still the prospect that the color of your teeth may relapse over time. The time this takes to happen will depend upon everyone individually. Thankfully, these procedures are safe and can be repeated if needed.

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