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Periodontal disease is caused by the accumulation of plaque and other debris on the teeth. The bacteria present in the plaque break down tooth enamel and affect the delicate tissues of the teeth and gums. When teeth are not adequately cared for, inflammation of the gums known as gingivitis can occur, later progressing to gum disease.

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Gingivitis is the first stage of periodontal disease caused by a bacterial buildup in plaque. This buildup can cause inflammation of the gums. As a result, the gums may bleed during brushing of teeth. Additionally, there will be gum tenderness, discoloration, bad breath, and gum recession. During this stage, the gums can be easily treated by following a daily flossing routine, rinsing with mouthwashes, and brushing.


If gingivitis is not treated in its early stages, it can progress to periodontal disease. When this happens, the inside layer of the gum and bone pull away from the teeth, leading to pockets. The tiny spaces between teeth and gums begin to amass excess waste and become infected. The body's immune system reacts by combating the bacteria while plaque spreads and breeds beneath the gum line.

The toxins released by the bacteria present in plaque and the good enzymes that fight infections begin to deteriorate the gum and bone that holds the teeth in place. This results in bone destruction and tooth loss.


At Ken Caryl Dentistry, we can help treat gum diseases such as gingivitis even at its early stages. There are some preventive measures that can help in the reversal of gingivitis. 

  • The gum disease should be kept at bay even before it begins. This can be done by frequent brushing and flossing. Brush and floss your pearly whites at least twice a day. This will ensure that all the harmful bacteria and plaque buildup are removed from the teeth before causing tooth decay.
  • Regular dental check-ups and cleanings are the easiest way to prevent gingivitis together with a proper oral care routine.
  • Gum disease treatments provide deep cleaning through scaling and root planing. These procedures ensure a healthy tissue environment to help tissues readapt to normal tooth surfaces. The periodontal maintenance treatments are designed to clean and maintain your gums and teeth and stop gum disease before they can progress to an advanced form of the disease.
  • Some periodontal procedures involve surgeries. Hence, to keep the gum disease at bay and avoid surgical procedures, it is best to keep your periodic dental visits.

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