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In recent times there have been incredible advancements in dental technology; thus, patients are getting better quality treatment and care. The old traditional X-rays were time-consuming and also damaging as the patients were exposed to the harmful radiation.

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Digital X-rays have genuinely modernized the technique of dental X-rays. They offer the dentist a powerful way to diagnose and treat various tooth and gum conditions properly. 

At Ken Caryl Dentistry, we provide digital X-rays as needed. Here are several advantages of digital x-rays that our patients enjoy:

Superior Quality of Images

Digital X-rays are taken using digital sensors instead of the traditional X-ray film. These sensors generate quality images that can be saved on a computer. These images are of high resolution and accuracy, providing dentists with more detailed information. In addition to the teeth, digital photos can also be captured of the gums and other oral structures.

Instant Viewing

Traditional X-ray film involved a waiting period while the film was being developed. Now, the images of the digital X-rays can be viewed almost immediately on a computer screen right after they are captured.

Enlargement Possibilities

The images produced by traditional X-ray film can only be viewed in their actual dimensions. Digital images can be amplified, giving the dentist the option to zoom in on the pictures and spot problems.

Improved Diagnostics

The accuracy of diagnostics increases significantly with access to clearer pictures and more information. Digital X-rays can reveal sensitive issues such as hidden areas of decay, infections in the gum, bone, tumors, and other irregularities that are not quickly apparent during a visual examination.

Reduced Exposure

Digital X-rays have been found to reduce exposure to radiation by up to 70% compared to traditional X-rays. Minimizing exposure to radiation helps to decrease the potential side effects and long-term risk of X-ray exposure.

Saves Time and Money

The detection techniques using digital X-rays will help in the early diagnosis of conditions and timely treatment. Thus patients can save both on time and money by avoiding more advanced procedures.

Computerized Storage

The dental office can maintain the digital files in storage indefinitely. Instead of having heaps of hardcopy images and files, digital images can be stored safely in the cloud for future reference. If your digital X-rays need to be shared, you have the option to receive a printed copy of the images. 


Digital X-rays offer a way to eliminate pollution since film processing chemicals are not required. Digital radiography does not have to use any chemicals for developing the film, which is considered to be a hazardous waste.

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