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We are nominated for Top Dentists 5280. We use advanced dental technologies, which include digital X-rays for the early detection of potential issues. We also utilize 3D cone beam technology to create highly detailed images of the patient’s oral structures. Additionally, we utilize intraoral cameras, which project images onto a chairside monitor, allowing patients to see what the dentist sees.

Our Top Dentists 5280 know that your time is valuable. And that you should receive treatment from the top dentist available. At our practice, we combine our advanced dental technology with a gentle, compassionate approach. We take the time to educate our patients about all of their dental options. We explain the pros and cons of each option so patients can make an informed decision.

Our modern, state-of-the-art dental office is equipped with the latest technology to ensure that patients are receiving the best care possible. Our Top Dentists 5280 proudly serve both children and adults, offering cleanings, preventative care, fillings, crowns, bridges, veneers, dentures, root canals, gum disease treatment, and much more. Our friendly, compassionate staff are ready to assist patients in any way that they can.

We provide care to our patients at a convenient location: The Courtyards at Deer Creek, 7631 Shaffer Pkwy Suite B, Littleton, CO 80127. We understand that you have a busy schedule, and it can be difficult to schedule an appointment during the week. That is why we offer extended office hours on Tuesdays. Give us a call at 303-973-5280 to schedule your appointment.


The Courtyards at Deer Creek 7631 Shaffer Pkwy Suite B,
Littleton, CO 80127

Fax: (303) 973-7996

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The Courtyards at Deer Creek 7631 Shaffer Pkwy Suite B,

Littleton, CO

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