In House Dental Plan

We have exciting news!!! Our patients now have access to our Office Dental Plan! This dental discount plan is available to all patients who currently have no dental insurance.

Why This Plan was Developed

It is our goal to provide quality dental care at an affordable price since the costs of health and dental care continually increase.  In an effort to encourage good dental health and assist with rising costs, we have developed an "in-office" dental plan available to patients who cannot obtain an employer-sponsored dental plan.  Our dental plan provides a wide scope of benefits at an affordable price to help minimize the cost of your dental care.

Enrollment is quick and easy! Sign up and start using your benefits the same day for only $300 per year.  The Office Dental Plan gives you discounts on dental services all year with no maximums and no waiting period.

Plan Coverage:

  • Two annual dental check-up exams
  • All routine check-up x-rays
  • Two annual routine teeth cleanings
  • For patients requiring periodontal maintenance or deep cleaning (SRP), the plan will contribute to the cost of a routine cleaning toward the cost of this treatment
  • 20% minimum discount on ALL dental services in our office
  • includes fillings, night-guards, crowns, dental implants, root canals, and much more!!! 


The price for our in-house plan for adults will be $395 per year. This Adult Complete plan includes 2 professional cleanings (co-pay if the patient has the periodontal disease) and checkups, 2 oral cancer exams, and all routine x-rays. The patient can also enjoy a minimum discount of 20% on other services. With this plan, you save $315 a year.

For children aged 14 and under, our in-house plan costs $295 a year. This plan includes two professional cleanings and checkups, all routine x-rays, and 2 topical fluoride varnish. The patient can also enjoy a minimum discount of 20% on other services. With this plan, you save $433 a year.


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